Saturday, June 13, 2009

A dentist?

I've never thought in a million years that i was going to come up this close to the future i thought I've wanted.. it was an amazing experience!! knowing that finally, and finally that my dad was bloodily proud. i am going to be a DENTIST!! Oddly enough i never thought of becoming one. it was such an express choosing while i was in matriculation. i can't bear the commitment of a medic doc, and i so much wanted a career that would change my family's life. and so here i am, and i would like to say thank you yasmin! for your patience and for putting up with me during my bad times, and laughing with me during the good times, and cried with me during both times. thank you for being the proudest best friend and ride with me along the rough way i was heading to. you don't know how precious you are to me. i love you. without you, i may not be here even with daus around. and so USM Kelantan, wait for me! cause im coming there. weeee~~

Friday, June 12, 2009

A dentist to be.

i just can't say how grateful i am to finally peek a little bit to my life ahead me. Dentistry? how did i ever got that lucky. And USM, double luckeee. i just can't believe it! and it was wicked to finally see an amusing expression my dad was wearing when i told him about the offer. hahah, it was priceless.. but thanks to all who supported me all the way, friends, family and whoever concerned, even my lecturer! thank you!