Friday, September 12, 2008

Art of Imagination ( review on book )

As I promised, my personal review on books. I would love to fulfill this task by expressing my views on movies and songs as well as this book of mine compromise everything nice from those categories nevertheless, none is enough.

The author of this book, Stephenie Meyer continuously says that behind her inspiration lies the band, Muse(which I’m very sure you guys acknowledge). She instill parts of beautiful classical traits in her main character( the hero, namely Edward Cullen, a vampire), and though not forgetting to please modern readers as well with her clumsy, humane, trouble-magnet heroine, Isabella Swan (the very object of affection for Edward).

They met, despite the odd and differences that lies between their lives, falls in love. Not just love, but madly in love. I would say that to describe this very book, it’s like the modern version of passionate romance between Romeo and Juliet, escaping all those complex poetry talks and cadences (although Edward mostly prefer to remain speaking that way, he is after all 100 years old, literally speaking) and the family feat. But he physically appears and stuck to be 17 years old (forever), with pale beautiful, Greek godlike feature, cold and gracious, extremely fast and intolerably strong plus an ability to read minds ( Bella’s somehow immune to this ability). The fact that Bella’s blood smell like the perfect wine for him which endangers his firm devotion on resisting human blood, he tried hard to be away from her, as he says, to keep her safe. Right from that moment we would know that Bella must have some certain strong attraction that lure him to her, which makes him overly protective over her.

The book is not all about romance and sugar (though that’s the main theme is). The beauty of this book is that it contains all the delicious plot, from thriller (bad vampires), fiction, romance and action. It plays with your imagination, reading it feels like I was drawn to watch a movie. It felt like watching a movie, in a book. Stephenie Meyer uses many literary factors, metaphors, hyperbole and abstract writing. I could be opening a random page and stuck reading that page and then, never could stop myself from reading more. She had made this 434 page long book refreshing, every page that you turn brings you to another imagination. Refreshing because it’s not that typical vampire myth where they can be burned by the sun, stabbed by a wood or those horror genre like to pick. There are good vamps and bad vamps. There are human and relationship, proms and friendship, family and high school, normal stuff yet compelling. It is a timeless love of a man to a girl and a strong unbreakable affection of a girl to this very man. Their heart has founded their true perfection, completing each other.

Edward is a classic martyr, that kind of 18th century gentleman. He’s romantic, plays the music and has velvet voice (as described by Bella). Bella is a self-preserved, trouble prone girl who is so clumsy that a flat floor couldn’t even prevent her from tripping. She’s beautiful, yes, but never realizes that. She reads classical books, cook for her dad and like to keep her thoughts to herself, until she meets Edward. The rest you should read for yourself. I am so over-excited that I could spill the spoiler here. So, what’s the title of this book I have been reviewing about? But first goes first, it’s a saga of 4 books, so mainly what I wrote here is just basic starting information. You could pick up any of the 4. The first book- TWILIGHT followed by NEW MOON, ECLIPSE AND BREAKING DAWN. Kind of dark title eh? But you’ll love them. Enjoy!

Perfect Passion

Talking about sports and interest were like comparing between vanilla sundae and chocolate. One I can live without where another, my air to breath. Respectively speaking, of course.
Personal context of dictionary of mine state that interest is relative towards the saying, MY PERMANENT PASSION. For me being allured and attracted towards something were like being drawn into a world where everything is graceful and beautiful, by means trapping me into that scene; never wanting to go back. So I would say that these object of interest would stuck in my head for eternity.
Here I don’t want to talk about sports. I used to be absorbed in physical activities, of course during my childhood years. Leave them there tight and secured, I am no longer that little child. I used to count medals, etching into my tiny brain dates of major events, participating in ALMOST every sports club and competition in school and drooling in front our little black box (the tv) watching games until my dad have to pick me up and put my motionless body on bed. Hah, those are the glory days, but now, I can’t longer find that pieces of me anymore. Bye-bye sports.

Which brings us back to my permanent passion. About three things I was absolutely sure to be my object of affection are:


I THINK I KNOW WHAT YOU’RE THINKING. ( You’re 18 and have no idea what love is). Keep it. Love is anti-bounded. You could see some childhood friends actually stays together till marriage. There’s always a probability in that. You all might as well wonder where did I get the courage to type those words, especially the ‘S’ word. Haha, then I shall explain.
1. I was always sick and alone=he never leaves me and soothed me to comfort.
2. I was on a major operation=he appears everyday in the hospital plus my call register.
3. I was on track of losing myself during the dark hours of my life=he reminded me of who I am, a strong person
4. No one attended my graduation day=he did and shared the pure same joy as mine.
5. We have our crying moments as if he could switch to any mode that I’m into, be it as my best buddy or my Romeo
6. His availability is it as my constant reminder, never ending laughter, cozily warming and he’s the greatest teacher of life.
7. He is himself the supreme model of human values

And the endless list goes on and on…..

I put him as my interest as I have someone to observe, to learn from, to collect and to create inner pleasure, someone that satisfies my heart and soul. He fills my empty time, so no doubt he’s interesting. I would describe him like the four seasons, he’ll be my spring that blossoms my heart, my white winter where everything is pure, cold, breath-taking beautiful. He’s my warm summer, makes me want to sleep like being sing with a lullaby, warmth that spreads through me and my sorrow but yet dark beauty of autumn, which reminds me of classical romance, timeless addiction.
And lingering on your mind right now, I am sure is what the heck with ‘my sunshine and my blue sky’? Its sort of my mind-working ability to project a metaphor which actually describe my two best buddies. Yeah, soulmate and buddies as my center of the universe I revolved towards. Must be weird eih? Introducing my best buddies, my blue sky is called so for the fact she always makes me calm and peaceful. Now imagine when you lay on the grass watching the blue sky, how it makes you feel as if everything around you fades and the only thing on your mind is feeling like a soothing music is being played into your soul. You feel no pain. No hurting. No anger. No despise. No regret. No emptiness. Like morphine circulating in your vein, easing every pain. Dear Yasmin please don’t shoot me for highlighting you here!
As for my sunshine, he’s a he, brightens up my day with his rhetoric ways of things. He always makes me laugh so on lights up my mood, even on the gloomiest time. The sun always shines our life and he’ll be the sun of my life, lighting up the path. The day. Although night falls, without the sun there will be no moon. He’ll be a shadow during the dark, always and always still there reflecting his little sun. So Firdaus, there you go!
Finally, books. My endless list of books. Classical romance is my type. Some fictions that plays with your imagination, triggering your mind of creativity. Currently I’m head over heels for Stephenie Meyer worth reading billions of times saga, Twilight Saga. Compromising of four book(the final book was released on august recently), the first book Twilight itself, followed by New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. I won’t spill the beans here. These books worth the top highlight review, which I will write on for my next post. Other than these vampire romance tales, I love classical books, from Shakespeare to Fitzgerald, the Grimm’s brothers, Jane Austen and Bronte sisters, where the list is too long to paste here.
So there you go. It is all about me and my life, maybe another boring entry worth reading, but that’s all I have to say. Lalla.