Thursday, August 7, 2008

Viva la Fashion

Fashion. Not a subject I rather feel interested in, as I consider myself wrecked in this area of subject. But a girl I am and shall be forever, I MUST at least know a thing or two about it, right?
So here it goes. What I know about fashion is, generally, there would be three groups of human in this circle of ‘human tragic creation’ (at least for me).
Diva’s. They’ll be that king of prom night, those gorgeous princesses who may have bad looks but so good their hand are with clothes’ and accessories, and you wouldn’t even notice their face. Their grand clothing will always be a hot spot and in the end, took your breath away. The only colors I would know what and how to resemble myself with is black and white. Dreadful and such a pity. If you walk around our college, *sigh*, I would say sadly, we do not have a fashionable environment. Now the only diva’s you can find here are the girl’s with baju kurung who at least matches their clothe with nice shoes and make up their hair or tudung or those guy’s who REALLY knows how to pick a good striped pants and REALLY REALLY nice tie. Plus shoes. Typically, you’ll find the accidentally fashion victim’s ( due to our college restriction on clothing) with the same everyday outfit . Sport shoes matches with baju kurung, oversized sleeved collar clothe and rug rag slacks, is all you can find. And the norm’s? They would be those who wears clothes matches with everything else that they wear, bags, shoes, even earring’s.
That’s the definition of fashion I limitedly know for now. I wouldn’t want to elaborate more, this is restless!