Friday, July 25, 2008

college life dreaded me

Talking about my experience here? Well what shall I say, let’s see first I was working an evening shift at a small market when I got the call that says in three days time I have to go to Malacca to register. THREE DAYS TIME! Now that caused my vein to upbeat next to hip hop songs and I was so nervous I could barely feel my hand. I was rather numb.
So here I am, with three HUGE luggage as if I’m about to travel around the world for 50 years. Nah, I’m just exaggerating. Let me tell you my first week. We had to tolerate with cats. Yes, cats. I don’t know how and why they reproduce extensively, but the smelly poop they left in our toilet and our grass really disturbed me. It is a big deal! Not to mention that I have to rise as early as the birds just to walk across buildings to reserve that small tiny toilet, with my towel and toiletries jiggle under my arms, just because there is no water in our building. Fewh, we’re girls so you can’t expect me to just relax. Who knows that there might be some guys out there that actually took our “wander” as sexy? That really dreaded me. But….I survived at least.
I’m taking biology. The best experience I have to say was that I had that special crash and burn hours where I’d spend six hours straight in the library just to finish that four pages long biology report discussion. After all, as reality hits me, we can’t afford to fail; everything must be done so good to secure that BIG pointer. I’m here for a one year program at which if you did something wrong there’s no turning back. Lecturer do says that you need to swallow the system and live with it. And I did. What choice do I have after all? We merely have quizzes and just two big exams to prepare us, the rest lies in me whether I’m going to make it or not. Talk about technical experience.
Believe it or not, supernatural stuff does happen. Sadly to me, and to ALL my roommates, so there is no doubt, it DOES happen. Want to know more? Nothing much just that my room receives special attention; we are the only room that is allowed to switch on the light after twelve a.m . Everyday there would be that banging noises, falling ridiculous stuff from the fourth floor at 3 A.M, or so much more. I can’t be at ease as I need to stay up, but too scared to. Again live with it.
Eventually I came up with a conclusion, yeah there are those ‘type’ who judge others, that geniuses click or that system that pull our nerve on and on, but in the end I realize these all wonderful experiences actually taught me a lot. You can’t expect life at college would be as comfortable as home sweet home .Nothing is perfect and these experiences actually let me grow up and learn more. Cheesy but that’s true. I am no longer that na├»ve little person, know nothing 17 years old, I’m a college student. Proudly I am.

Monday, July 14, 2008

insight of me?!

Call me Daya.This girl was born during the silence of the morning, on March 1990.Proudly shared the same date of birth with the late P.Ramlee, although she can sense that she hadn't posses ANY of his crazily fine art talent.Her art a piece of junk, stored safely in the back store room.She have a deep passion for books, classical that bores you to death, chick lit that tingles your belly button, towards vampire romance that plays with your imagination.She listens to all kind of music, to name a few alternative, all those independent rockband which is still crawling to the mainstream.Her biggest obsession, SWITCHFOOT.For her they are the greatest band ever lived.She played one musical instrument but it will remain a mystery.. (unless you asked).She describe herself as a simple drawing, which was painted with different beautiful colours, because from the outside people will see the drawing as a simple object which on the inside are full with different colours. And so she was. She love life to the fullest and believe in few things that will boggle your mind out, but out of anything, she's willing to share ( if you ask).So thats me and i would love to know YOU.